AUGUST, 2015

New Novel: SEASONS OF DISCONTENT (Get it HERE). Also available from Lion's Head Press and various bookstores. Distribution by Ingram Book Services.

"I didn't think there could be a better book than In Another Life, but Seasons of Discontent is as good if not better." EUGENE PETERS, Essayist & Critic

"Fraser's best writing ever! (and that is saying a lot)." NEIL TONER, Librarian

ARTS EAST Author Interview (June 22, 2015)

Author interview at THE MIRAMICHI READER (June 4, 2015


Review of SEASONS OF DISCONTENT by James M Fisher in The Miramichi Reader.



BLISS was launched October 26, 2013, at Saltwater Sounds in Chatham, NB, and November 20 at Westminster Books in Fredericton. Great turnouts in both places. For more information on the book go here: Broken Jaw Press

Signing BLISS at Saltwater Sounds.

Click here for ArtsEast interview about BLISS.

Review in The Miramichi Reader

(photo by Keith Minchin, 2008)


THE MADNESS OF YOUTH by Raymond Fraser. Novel. Lion's Head Press, 2011. 302 pp. Publisher's list price: $24.95 paperback (ISBN 9780986518355); $39.95 hardcover (ISBN 9780986518348). Special price here: $19.95 pb & $35.95 hc (plus $4 shipping).
Set in the Maritimes and Montreal, "The Madness Of Youth" unearths the disreputable past of a respected poetry-writing librarian... An unforgettable view of wayward youth in the early Sixties.

Available soft and hardcover

"I'll go out on a limb and say The Madness Of Youth is the best writing Fraser has ever done ... There are great gobs of sadness, original comic touches and just the right blend of plot and narrative comments to make this a huge pleasure to read and a learning experience to boot. Fraser has always "owned" the restless, wandering Maritimer as a fictional character, but this complex, exasperating 'split personality character Quann' and the believable world(s) created for him is a real coup. There are so many fresh and honest insights into relationships that I haven't come across before in fiction. And having lived in 1960s Montreal – he's nailed that one solidly .... Great job!" – PHIL DESJARDINS, Philip Desjardins Productions, Toronto

"Finished The Madness Of Youth last week – wanted to make it last longer, but couldn't stop turning the pages!" – PAUL DUPLESSIE

"Terrific book!" – DOUG SUTHERLAND, Filmmaker

"The prose style and choice of words are truly amazing." – ROBERT HAWKES, Poet & Professor Emeritus (UNB)

"Fraser's best book yet, in my opinion." – WAYNE CURTIS, author

"One hell of a read." – CHARLES BOLAN


Lion's Head Press, 2010. Two novels, Repentance Vale and The Struggle Outside. 272 pp. $23.95 softcover (ISBN 9780986518317). $41.95 hardcover (ISBN 9780986518324). Special price here: $17.95 softcover (plus $4 shipping); $39.95 hardcover (plus $4 shipping).

Special price! Available Hard & Softcover

"Represents the best in contemporary satire. Outrageously funny.” Aaron Michelson, BEST SELLERS, New York.

"Exuberant, comic, with a satiric edge frequently bordering on absurdist fantasy." LINDA SANDLER, Saturday Night

"Peppered with well-honed wit and a biting satire, "The Trials of Brother Bell" reaffirms Fraser’s renown as a no-nonsense storyteller." STEPHEN PATRICK CLARE

"I`ve never read anything like it. Brilliant!" NEIL TONER, Librarian

"Absolutely hilariously funny... Farce is not easy to sustain, but Raymond Fraser can mix the absurdities of humanity into fine, plausible fiction. Repentance Vale and The Struggle Outside are dramas of intense dimension." MICHAEL O. NOWLAN, The Gleaner


REPENTANCE VALE by Raymond Fraser.
Novel. Lion's Head Press, 2011. 140 pp. $16.95
In this satiric tale of neo-gothic horror, Haliberton "Bertie" Beaumont, heir to the Beaumont shipping fortune, schemes to seduce the pretty young daughter of Matthias Gogg, a fundamentalist religious fanatic who secretly believes in human sacrifice...
"There's no other writer quite like Raymond Fraser. His style is absolutely fascinating." – CORA LILLIAN HUDSON

REPENTANCE VALE ... Special Price!


IN ANOTHER LIFE by Raymond Fraser.
Lion's Head Press, 2009. 304 pp. ISBN 978-0-9686034-8-2. Publisher's list price: $24.95. Special price here: $19.94 (+ $4.00 shipping)

"A beautifully wrought story, tragic, poignant and full of rich detail. It's just masterful." — ROBERT LECKER, Greenshields Professor of English, McGill University

"IN ANOTHER LIFE is heart-warming and heart-wrenching all at once. It's the real deal, a genuine masterpiece of storytelling, sadly beautiful, and perhaps Fraser's finest work to date." — STEPHEN PATRICK CLARE, The Book Club, Halifax

"It's a fabulous read, will tear your guts out." — CYNTHIA SURETTE

"You don't come across a book like this very often. For me it was un-put-down-able. It's one great piece of work." — LOUIS CORMIER

"I was so impressed with this book. Such insight, such tenderness, such humour. Although a lot of it is tragic it's also very funny. I was laughing my head off page after page. A poignant and in-depth revelation of the angst of growing up — or not!" — HILARY PRINCE

"I can't find words to describe just how extraordinary I think this novel is... It's been a long time since I've read a book that really gets inside a man's head. It's a triumph in making characters come alive (I fell deeply in love with Corinne!). It's a great Canadian novel." — PHILIP DESJARDINS,Philip Desjardins Productions, Toronto

"Truly a wonderful read — a poignant, sweet and painful love story. I loved Macbride's struggle to be his own person, when in reality he was a lost child. The girl Corrine was his mirror image. I will be recommending it highly." — MARILEE PITTMAN

"I kept it beside my bed and took a long time to read it because I didn't want it to end. I loved every well-placed word of it." — NOREEN MALLORY HOOD

"A masterfully crafted novel set against the plush Miramichi River region of the 1950's and 1960's. Wily Fredericton scribe Raymond Fraser proves again why he is one of Atlantic Canada's finest writers with the beautiful and haunting tragic-comedy of one boy's rise to prominence in his community and his slow descent into the throes of alcoholism. IN ANOTHER LIFE is a powerful and poignant story that will capture the minds and hearts of readers. Think Catcher in the Rye meets Hemingway and Bukowski." — LEAP MAGAZINE

"In Another Life is funny, sad and always humane. What sets it apart from almost all other novels is the flow of the writing. I read through 80 pages without realizing it, it’s so hard to put down. It says things with precise and delicate care, and with a great sense of humour.” — ERIC MYERS

"It's not just the best novel I've ever read; it's the best book I've ever read." — EUGENE PETERS, essayist & critic

Salty Ink, 2009


By Chad Pelley

“A highly original voice.” – The Vancouver Sun
“One of the most gifted writers I know.” – Alden Nowlan
“The best literary voice to come belling out of the Maritimes in decades.” – Farley Mowatt

New Brunswick’s Raymond Fraser got started early. In his Jr. year at St. Thomas University he was co-editor for the student literary magazine Tom-Tom. At 25, living in Montreal, he and Leroy Johnson founded the literary magazine: Intercourse: Contemporary Canadian Writing. And this ambition and talent led to one of the most remarkable careers of any Atlantic Canadian author, and resulted, just this month, in his being awarded the inaugural Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for High Achievement in English Literary Arts, a $20,000 award “designed to recognize the outstanding contribution of individuals to the arts.”

Here is a chunk of text from the press release for the award: “I felt it in my bones quite early, the desire to be a writer. At fourteen I decided maybe writing would too dull – thought I’d live an exciting life for a while, and then write when I was older." However by the time the Chatham boy turned 17, Fraser’s mind was made up, and New Brunswick’s cultural life is the richer for it.

Moreover, in the recently released gem, Atlantic Canada’s Top 100 Books, Fraser ties with the likes of literary icons David Adams Richards and Wayne Johnston for the author with the most titles in the list. Five. That’s quite an honour. Fraser has written 7 works of poetry, 2 biographies, a memoir, and compiled the anthology East of Canada. He has just released his eighth novel, In Another Life.


Do you have a favourite work that you have written, or a least favourite, or does it not work that way for you, is each its own?
I don’t have a “least favourite” among my books, although there are a few poems in the early poetry books I’m not crazy about (I made sure not to include these in my selected poems, “Before You’re A Stranger”). As for a favourite book, I have to say my latest, IN ANOTHER LIFE. I put more of myself and more work into it than any of the others, and when I read it over to give it a final touching up this past winter I could see I’d done as good a job as I was able to do and was glad I’d stuck with it.

What stands out as one or two highlights from your career?
I don’t think it’s the highlights that were important in my writing years so far but the lowlights, the near-darknesses, and making it through those times and being the better for it. For instance, getting off the booze in 1982 which gave me a second go at life and writing, when I thought both were finished; and then, in the following years, going through a lot of frustrations and self-doubts before finally getting things sorted out through assorted self-revelations.



THE GRUMPY MAN by Raymond Fraser.
Features 23 new stories and the definitive version of the Fraser classic novella, The Quebec Prison.
Lion's Head Press. 190 pp. $11.95 softcover. $26.95 hardcover. Shipping: $5 per book. ISBN 978-0-9686034-6-8.

Available Hard & Softcover

"Raymond Fraser is a natural story teller. His talent with narrative is second to none in this country...THE GRUMPY MAN stories are an incredible expose of the human condition."
— MICHAEL O. NOWLAN, The Daily Gleaner

"A pleasure to read from beginning to end. I doubt many writers could comment on their time as skilfully as Fraser has in this collection, or comment with so much wit and using such great characters."
— JUDY BOWMAN, The Miramichi Leader

"Fraser has a finely-tuned ear for verbal irony and terseness that is oddly compelling. These stories are well-crafted and insightful." — CANADIAN LITERATURE

"Reading Fraser's writing is like listening to the voice of an epoch. He explores the things that made the sixties and seventies so legendary."
— MICAH O'DONNELL, The Aquinian

"One of Canada's top writers at the top of his game. A great read!"

"A compelling collection of quirky characters by one of the country's finest literary craftsmen."
— STEPHEN CLARE, The Book Club radio show, Halifax

"Fraser is a superb storyteller whose stories and novels are always universally valid. He is no less than Canada's greatest living fiction writer."



Remembering Leonard Cohen, Alden Nowlan, the Flat Earth Society, the King James monarchy hoax, the Montreal Story Tellers and other curious matters


l. to r. The Duke of Northumberland, King James III, the Prince of Fortara and the Archibishop of Canterbury. As revealed in the book, when secretly mingling with commoners they were accustomed to assume the identities of Raymond Fraser, Jim Stewart, Alden Nowlan and Leo Ferrari.(Photo by Frank Prazak)

In this collection of nineteen memoirs, essays and sketches, Raymond Fraser writes of a variety of fascinating subjects, including Leonard Cohen, Alden Nowlan, Leo Ferrari, Hugh Hood, Queen Elizabeth II, Bob Dylan, John Metcalf, Lord Mountbatten, Al Pittman, Irving Layton, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Santa Claus, the Flat Earth Society, the notorious Stewart Monarchy in Exile, Halloween on the Miramichi, tabloid journalism, New Brunswickers in Hollywood, evangelistic miracle workers and assorted eccentrics met along life's way. Published by Black Moss Press, Windsor, Ont. Sept 2007. 162 pp.

"Reading When The Earth Was Flat is next best thing to a voyage of discovery, a ride on a runaway train, the thrill of a roller coaster, and a front row seat in the theatre of the absurd. This wonderfully entertaining book is the work of a gifted and accomplished author." — The Guardian

"It is superb. Remarkable!" — John Moss, FRSC, author and founding editor Journal of Canadian Fiction

"A highly original voice that is occasionally sad, sometimes very comic. A real pleasure to read." — Vancouver Sun

"This insightful, powerful and comedic writer has been hailed by Farley Mowat as the best literary voice to come belling out of the Maritimes in decades."

"One of the most gifted writers I know, and among his gifts are two that all too rare: a zest for life and a sense of humour." — Alden Nowlan

"When The Earth Was Flat is a collection of autobiographic snapshots—a mosaic of memoirs, histories, essays and short stories of almost poetic intensity which are held together by Fraser's ubiquitous sense of humour and idiosyncratic eye. For those of us who have read all his books it is an added treat to our collection. For those who have never read Fraser, this is the book to begin with, and doubtless, the rest of the author's library will follow in its tracks. Raymond Fraser has many distinctions as a writer. As a novelist, story writer, poet, biographer and journalist, he has been called New Brunswick's greatest living writer and one of Canada's foremost authors. His novel The Struggle Outside easily fits into the top-ten list of Canada's all-time greatest books and The Bannonbridge Musicians was runner-up for the Governor General's Award in 1978.
— Bernell MacDonald, author, Birds of Passage, etc.

If you can't find the book in a store near you (and far as I know it won't be in Chapters-Indigo-Coles, just smaller independent stores), there are signed copies NOW AVAILABLE at Fraser Books Inc. Just click here:
Fraser Books

Raymond Fraser and Yvon Durelle in Baie Ste Anne.

Cover of the first edition of my book The Fighting Fisherman (Doubleday, 1981). There has also been a French edition, Le Boxeur Qui Venait de la Mer, and two other English editions, the latest from Formac Publishing in 2005. Yvon Durelle died on January 6, 2007.